How Do I Enter Time Via the "Time In/Time Out" Method?

1. If you have multiple assignments, select the name of the assignment from the drop-down at the top of the portal.

2. From the calendar on the left, select the week to enter time for.

3. Select how you want to create the timesheet and select the Create button.

4. Select the day to enter time for on the left.

5. In the Time In, Time Out, and Hours Type fields, enter the details for your workday; select Add Block for each increment of time.

  • For example: if you took a lunch break, in the first Time In and Time Out fields, enter the time you both started your work day and then left for lunch. Then, select Add Block and enter the time you both started and ended your lunch. Finally, pick Add Block once more to enter the remainder of your work day.
  • You can add as many blocks of time as you would like. To delete a block of time, simply select the trash can, and confirm that you want to delete in the popup.

6. If necessary, add any notes regarding the workday in the Notes field and select your Group and Project.

  • Depending on how your firm requires you to enter time, you may only have normal as an option for the hours type dropdown.
  • There will be other options if you are required to account for break time, meal time, or other paid and non paid time off.
  • If you are working on specific Projects, you will have additional options here as well. If you are not, you will only see the word None.

7. Repeat steps 2-6 for each work day. Alternatively, you can also select Copy Previous Daybif you work the same schedule each day.

8. Once finished entering hours for the week, select Submit Timesheet at the bottom of the page.

  • Accept any Notifications that pop up.
  • You can also view your timesheet by selecting the View Timesheet button.