Introducing the web services API

Note: For new development, use the Bullhorn REST API rather than the SOAP API whenever possible. The Bullhorn SOAP web services API exposes the core entities, operations, and events used by the Bullhorn application via the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP).

Each of these topics is covered in a separate section that provides an explanation of the SOAP web services API and a complete reference to the exposed entities and operations, with code examples to illustrate the latter. The Reference section provides full details on all entities and operations in the API, including entity relationships and cross-references. You will want to have this reference material handy while writing your code.

This documentation covers version 2.0 through version 2.6 of the Bullhorn SOAP-based API. We recommend customers use the REST API service for new integration projects.  

Use of the APIs is metered according to the Bullhorn SOAP web services API Usage Limits.


This documentation is provided for developers using the Bullhorn system. Readers should already be familiar with software programming concepts, Web Services, and the Bullhorn application.